Announcing: The Tip O’ Neill International Summer School Mallow 2021

Announcing: The Tip O’ Neill International Summer School Mallow 2021

 Launch of Policy Document to establish: 

The Tip O’ Neill International Summer School Mallow in County Cork,

Ireland at a weekend date in September 2021. 

Issued by the Irish in Europe Association in Brussels on 4th July 2020.

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to inform you, to mark 4th July – Independence Day, the Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl (IEAI) have issued a policy document to establish the Tip O’ Neill International Summer School – Mallow. 

Please see the Policy Document Below:


The main aim of the Summer School will be “Strengthening the Irish Bridge between the United States of America & Europe.

The policy document details the aims, philosophy and roadmap set out for the Tip O’ Neill International Summer School Mallow for your perusal.

This School will not be one weekend end event, it will be an ongoing process to grow relations between Mallow & North Cork with Rathmullan/Buncrana & Inishowen in Donegal, relations between Cork, Derry, Boston and  Leuven in Belgium and also relations between the Capitals; Washington, Dublin and  Brussels and later extending to other areas in the USA and Europe.  It will a join-up our Irish in Europe Networks with the Irish American and other Diaspora networks in the USA.  We would have preferred to have all the above-mentioned Stakeholders present at an inaugural Memorial Address/ Lecture & press conference to launch policy document to establish Summer School launch. This was unable to take place due to logistics to comply Public Health Regulations.

It will build on the work over the past thirty years of the Tip O’ Neill Committees in Mallow and Donegal, on the work done by Mallow Heritage Committee of the Mallow Partnership, the former Mallow Urban District Council, Kanturk Mallow Municipal District,  Cork County and City Councils, Universities, Libraries, the O’ Neill Family and many other individuals. It will also complement the work of the different groups in the USA that commemorate the life and work of Tip O’ Neill.

It will start small; it has been well thought out and it will help Ireland to be an important bridge between the USA and the EU. The Summer School are planning to have the conference weekend between July 2021 and September 2021. This gives them enough time to plan and muster the necessary support. The launch of the Summer School has been welcome in many quarters as a very exciting-and timely-initiative.We know it is going to be a big challenge, but we all must step up to the plate to help with the recovery in Ireland and bring more people from all walks of life together to help strengthen relations between USA and Europe.

The first President of Tip O’Neill International Summer School-Mallow Committee is Michael O’ Neill and a relative Tip O’ Neil.

The Irish in Europe Association will act as promoters and the European Partners for the Summer School.

Persons of all nationalities are most welcome to join the different Summer School support groups in Ireland, USA and Europe  as they are established by contacting Michael O’ Neill at

We cordially invite any public representative, or agency, embassy, or institution or indeed any individual to issue a press statement to welcome the launch of the Tip O’Neill International Summer School-Mallow with press embargo 4th July. Please be so kind to put in copy.

Any help or suggestions to advance this international project will be greatly appreciated,

Have a Covid19 free summer – Wash Your Hands, Maintain Social Distance & Wear Face Covering to protect the vulnerable in public places.

Best wishes,

Denis J. Buckley

International President


Policy Document issued on July 4th 2020 by the Irish in Europe (international) Association aisbl  (IEAI)from their Office in Brussels. 

Contact, Denis J. Buckley at:    or  

All media inquiries and for radio & TV interviews should be directed to:

Mr. Michael O’ Neill, President of Tip O’ Neill International Summer School Committee-Mallow.

Tel:   +353 863 762 212


Facebook:  @tiponeillinternationalsummerschoolmallow/

Postal Addresses for the Tip O’ Neill International Summer School-Mallow

Dublin:  C/O 3 Faiche, an tSráidbhaile, Bóthar Rathfearnáin,Baile Átha Cliath,14.EIRE.

Mallow:  C/O Mallow Heritage Committee, M.D.P, Floor 3, Mallow Parish Centre Building,27/28 Bank Place, Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Brussels: C/O IEAI, International Association Centre, Rue Washington 40,1050 Brussels, Belgium.

IEAI, International Association Centre, Rue Washington 40,1050 Brussels, Belgium

Non Profit International Association –Registered in Belgium – Enterprise Number 835467433  

tel:32 (0)488 860 707

Living & Working in Brussels

Living & Working in Brussels

Helping you to live and work in Brussels

Brussels-Europe liaison office


The mission of he Brussels-Europe liaison office (BLBE) is to welcome people who settle down in Brussels for activities within the European and international institutions.

The Brussels-Europe liaison office wants to facilitate the installation of these people in Brussels.

Our Recent Achievements

The Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl (a Non-Profit Association) have invested heavily in financial and volunteer terms in the promotion of the Cork-Brussels link.

Recent Achievements
An Taoiseach & Mary JO
An Taoiseach  Deputy Enda Kenny with  Mary Jo Mullarkey of the Irish in Europe Association at launch of Irish Embassy publication ‘ Belgium and Ireland -Past Connections and Continuing Ties” on December 18,2014 in Brussels. €

Photo: Courtesy of Irish Embassy of Ireland to Kingdom of Belgium

Other Achievements

*They established the Cork Jazz Festival Club of Brussels to raise the profile of Cork as a destination.

*They launched a number of CDs promoting Cork and Irish links with Europe.

*They have commissioned a special two way logo to promote the route.

They established the West Cork–Belgian Irish Committee.

*They have featured Cork as a holiday destination at many info stands in Brussels. They promoted in Brussels  the island of Ireland and Cork in 7 languages as a holiday destination.

*They organised the most attended Irish Exhibition in Brussels (curated by THE GALLERY KINSALE) since Ireland’s membership of the EU during the Irish Presidency with the Irish in Europe Art & Photo Exhibitions-‘ Cork Meets Brussels & Brussels meets Westport’. These were at Halles Saint Gery & Galerie Anspach.

*They continuously promote the 2500 KM Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of Ireland from Cork to Donegal  and in 2014 organised the Limerick (National City of Culture)  meets Brussels  & Brussels meets Sligo ( European Town of Sport).

*They launched the Irish in Europe Cultural Exchange Programme taking exhibitions from Brussels & Belgium to Ireland. Two exhibitions are currently on tour in Ireland –Brussels ‘Like a Tree Exhibition’ and the Paul Hankar Student Art Nouveau Conceptual Exhibition presently on Exhibit at the Skyline Gallery for the Bandon Arts Festival.  Other venues included Cork Airport and the Vision Centre in Cork.

*In October of this year during attendance at the Global Cork Economic Forum, the Community Ambassador programme was launched and the integration programme ‘ Crossing Borders’ on the Terrace was also  launched at the Electric Pub and Restaurant. The Irish in Europe Association  established its Irish Office at THE GALLERY KINSALE, 57 Main Street, Kinsale,Co. Cork to co-ordinate the cultural exchange programme between Ireland and Europe and the development the Community Ambassador Programme.

* In 2015 the European Premiere concert of ‘Music of Bloom’ takes place in Cork to recognise James Joyce’s Cork Routes and the influence of his Cork roots in his literary works.

* In 2015 the Irish in Europe Association plan to bring from Ireland a new exhibition to recognise the Irish participation in the Battle of Waterloo 1815 and the 276,000 Irish Volunteers that helped liberate Belgium in the First World War. This exhibition will be titled: ‘Irish Connections- From Waterloo to Flanders Fields’

* The annual ‘Brussels Saint Patrick’s Day Parade of the Regions’ is organised by the Irish in Europe Association and will be organised again in 2015  on Sunday March 15. Participation in this Parade has been growing each year and has does much to promote Irish identity, integration and culture since 2009.

* In 2015 Many more activities are planned to build more relations between Ireland and Belgium and in particularly support the Cork –Brussels route.  If you want to help in any way contact for Belgium or Ireland.